Netflix Exploring Opportunity With Nintendo to Come to Switch, But No Plans to Share Right Now [Updated]

Netflix has revealed on social media that it has no plans to put an app on the Nintendo Switch anytime soon.

Netflix Exploring Opportunity With Nintendo to Come to Switch, But No Plans to Share Right Now [Updated]
Credit: Netflix

The Nintendo Switch has sold like hot cakes, mostly off the back of its hybrid nature and an embarrassingly good launch year in terms of software. With things to play and the ability to take it on the move, the experience has attracted an audience. However, while that is all great, complaints have begun to grow about the system's infrastructure having a lack of modernity. There is something refreshing about it, as other consoles can be a mess of games apps and services, but the Nintendo Switch basically has none of that, even forgoing a web browser.

One of the first apps on any entertainment device is inevitably Netflix, but even that apparently won't be finding a home on the Switch anytime soon. In a message on social media (via NitnendoLife) the Netflix social media account came out and plainly said that there are no current plans for the app.

There is no way this hasn't been talked about by the two companies, especially with such good sales, you'd think the service would be stumbling over themselves to get on the Switch.This certainly is interesting. While the Switch is a monster of a seller, I do think in time its audience will look to it expanding in utility a little bit. While I'm sure you have tons of portable devices with Netflix on it, the Switch is a nice screen size and seems like it would be a good fit for the system. Hopefully, Nintendo opens up the system a little bit to bring it into the modern day.


Netflix got in touch with us to clarify the statements made on Twitter, and it does seem while nothing is coming right now, there is hope in the future. It seems the entities have been in contact and are still exploring an app for the future. The updated statement reads:

We are still exploring the opportunity with Nintendo, but don't have definitive plans to share at this time. The original statement from the Netflix CS twitter handle has been modified to reflect this.

Here is hoping. It would be a great little device to have Netflix on. We will keep you up to date if anything changes.