Netmarble Reveals More About Seven Knights – Time Wanderer

Netmarble launched an official website this week for their first console game, Seven Knights – Time Wanderer, unveiling new info about it. The game is based on the popular mobile titles with the same name, which has done well over the years for the company. This first venture into console gaming will be on the Nintendo Switch. Even though having all the info below as well as a trailer is cool, we sadly don't have a release date for this game yet. Or even a release window we can plan for.

The latest entry to the Seven Knights series comes to the Nintendo Switch, courtesy of Netmarble.
The latest entry to the Seven Knights series comes to the Nintendo Switch, courtesy of Netmarble.

The new website will detail key information on the history of the Seven Knights brand, key features of the console release, and detailed listings of key characters and associated voice actors included in Seven Knights – Time Wanderer –. As part of the new website launch, an all-new trailer and in-game screenshots of the game, digital comics and beautiful soundtracks are also available to enjoy, and all these original assets will be revealed on a weekly basis until the game's official launch. Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – is a visually stunning, real-time and turn-based RPG based on Seven Knights Mobile, which features all-new control and battle systems as well as game content optimized for the console platform. Unlike the mobile version, this is a single-player RPG based on a limited story, players can collect new characters as they progress through their journey, without gacha. The focuses on the story of the eighth member of the Seven Knights, Vanessa, and her ultimate magical equipment, a sentient hourglass known as Sandy, as she embarks on a journey to return safely home after falling into the twists of space and time.

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