Nidoran Limited Research Day Review In Pokémon GO

Yesterday was Nidoran Limited Research Day in Pokémon GO. Let's take a look at this one-day event and see if it held up to previous post-quarantine Research Days including Meowth, Drifloon, and Snubbull.

Nidoran F & M official art. Credit: Pokémon Company International
Nidoran F & M official art. Credit: Pokémon Company International

If you played and enjoyed Drifloon and Meowth's Limited Research Days, this is much like that. A Timed Research pops up in-game and tasks can be found at Pokéstops, with all of them rewarding Nidoran in both male and female forms with a highly boosted Shiny rate. The tasks were easy and the Timed Research was shorter than the 20-page Meowth questline, offering fewer chances for at-home players but also much less repetition. Overall, if you needed a Shiny Nidoran, this was something to be excited for. If not, it was still worth casually doing the tasks considering how easy they were.

Now, here's the truth. Comparing this day to pre-quarantine Limited Research doesn't work, because pre-quarantine Limited Research was just better. Previous events like this used to be the Shiny release of that Pokémon and even sometimes the debut of that Pokémon, as with Minccino Limited Research Day back in February 2020. A simpler time. Now, it's understandable that Niantic has somewhat slowed down in the release of certain species and Shinies. They want to prolong Pokémon GO, making it a "forever franchise." Now, with Limited Research Days, they've increased the frequency but no longer release new Shinies with them. Does it make these events less special for hardcore players? It does. Is it still a fun, easy-to-complete event worth playing? It is.

Hopefully, Niantic can switch it up now and then and include more variety in their Limited Research Day choices if they're going to keep doing them so frequently. A new species here and there would go a long way, as would a new Shiny release. As is, though, Nidoran Limited Research Day was a fun, light, and, ultimately, pretty good day of Pokémon GO gameplay.

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