Nintendo To Close Down The Wii Shop In 2019

It's still over a year away, but for many Wii and Wii U owners, it will be one of the first signs that both consoles will start losing full support. Nintendo officially announced earlier today that the Wii Shop will officially close on January 19th, 2019. It appears that the shutdown will occur in phases, with the first one being on March 27th, 2018, at which point users will no longer be able to add Wii Points to their accounts. It isn't really much of a shock since the official eShop has been taking over the majority of functions for the 3DS and serves as the only outlet on the Nintendo Switch. Below is part of the translated press release, which indicates some other features will remain open but will also be shutting down in the future.

Nintendo To Close Down The Wii Shop In 2019

With the closing, we will refund unused "Wii Point", "Wii Point Prepaid Card", "Nintendo Point Prepaid Card (No.) (※ 2)". Details as to procedure etc will be announced again as soon as it is decided. We are very sorry for everyone who has used "Wii Shopping Channel", but please accept our sincere thank you. Thank you for your patronage over the long term.

  • 1 Although you can continue to use "Wii Ware" "virtual console" you downloaded or you can move the data from Wii to Wii U, you can continue to use "Moving from Wii", but in the future these services are also scheduled to close.
  • 2 It differs from "Nintendo prepaid card (number)" currently handled.

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