Nintendo Is Selling Animal Crossing: New Horizons Dodo Pilot Jackets

Have you ever wanted to fly the friendly skies in Animal Crossing: New Horizons yourself? Well, now you can dress like you do. For those of you who don't play the game, Dodo Airlines is the official airline in the game in which the players can travel to other people's islands, or head off to find new places to hang out for a day and collect items they may not be able to get on their own island. The airline is, of course, run by a friendly set of dodo birds who are more than happy to take your money for a short trip, because while the company isn't as crooked as Tom Nook's mafia outfit, they're still a business and those planes don't pay for themselves. Anyway, as part of the holidays to get people to buy merch from them, Nintendo New York revealed on Twitter that they are now selling pilot jackets from the video game airline.

The airline may be fictional, but this is a far better jacket than I've ever seen anyone at Delta own. Courtesy of Nintendo.
The airline may be fictional, but this is a far better jacket than I've ever seen anyone at Delta own. Courtesy of Nintendo.

Now granted, you can get one of these jackets in the game as a reward, which is really the only place you could show it off and have an entire city jealous of your accomplishment. But if you're looking to get one of these in real life, you're gonna have to make a trip to Manhattan. According to all sources who have checked into the matter, the only place you can purchase this Animal Crossing: New Horizons jacket is at Nintendo New York. What's more, it isn't cheap as you're looking at $80 for the thing, and apparently, a lot of sizes for the jacket are hard to come by. Since Nintendo is so unpredictable about what will be on sale at later date, there's no way to know if this will stay exclusive to the store or go online in the future. So basically, if you want it, you'll need to book a flight with a real company to get one.

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