Nintendo & LEGO Are Partnering Up For Something New

Some weird news to wake up to this morning as it appears LEGO and Nintendo have formed a new partnership for something cool. The brief bit of news came down on the official LEGO Twitter account, playing a short seven-second video. The video is a LEGO version of Mario from Super Mario Bros. with a digital Question Block revolving on his chest like a lottery, followed by the flag sound effect from the game and both logos on the screen. And aside from telling us news is coming soon, the only hint we get is the hashtag #LEGOSuperMario.

Nintendo & LEGO Are Partnering Up For Something New
Credit: Nintendo

So there's really only two ways this can go. Either the two companies have partnered up for a set of Nintendo-themed LEGO toys, which feels like the most obvious choice seeing as how we have a LEGO version of Mario on the screen. Or, which would be cooler but is more of a stretch, is if Nintendo is working with TT Games and LEGO on a video game with their roster inside one of their 3D titles. Either way, it sounds like in the next few days we'll be getting something awesome.

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