Nintendo Offers an Explanation to Their New Partnership with Cygames

There's been a little bit of buzz online since Nintendo announced they'd be forging a new partnership with Cygames, both from people excited to see what they produce and from others who are curious why this specific developer. For those of you wondering, Nintendo actually posted a complete transcript of a Q&A session featuring Tatsumi Kimishima and Shuntaro Furukawa, the current and soon to be presidents of Nintendo respectfully, addressing Dragalia Lost which was co-developed with Cygames. The transcript is in Japanese, but the big notes to take away from the partial translations that are online is that Nintendo wish to expand more into mobile gaming with the Switch, and Cygames had a game that offered them the kind of experience they wanted to convey to fans.


The talk of Nintendo making the Switch more mobile has been around since launch, with people speculating when the day will come that the 2DS and 3DS are taken off the market or possibly replaced with something new that works with the Switch. We had a chance to meet with Cygames back at PAX East to briefly hear what they're looking to do for the rest of 2018 and into 2019, and it sounds like their plans for future releases may work best with what the Switch is aiming to be. Now how soon we hear about all their plans and when they'll come to fruition is another discussion, but considering most developers seem to be focused on getting titles made that are primarily for all consoles and focus very little on a mobile aspect, this may be one of the best partnerships Nintendo could have made in that area.

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