The Nintendo Switch RPG 'Dragon: Marked for Death' has Been Delayed

The Nintendo Switch RPG 'Dragon: Marked for Death' has Been Delayed

The Switch-bound Inti-Creates action RPG Dragon: Marked for Death was scheduled for a 2017 release when it debuted on a Nintendo Direct back in August. As December comes to a close, Inti-Creates has taken their time to announce the glaringly obvious and have delayed the game into 2018.

The sprite-based brawler has been relatively short on concrete details as it goes along in development, but Inti-Creates have been working on it since 2011 when it began as an online 3DS game. After a while, it was transitioned into a Switch title, but Inti-Creates have not said much about it since its playable PAX demo. Which could mean a lot of things, but most of those are generally negative and can be summed up with the term "development hell." Sure, Dragon: Marked for Death will probably make it out of development hell, but it has been a resident for a while now.

The Dragon development team at Inti-Creates is made up of former Mega Man Zero developers, however, so it has a decent chance of being a good action game. Whenever it does hit.

As for that initial announcement Nintendo Direct from August that had Dragon: Marked for Death in it, you can check that out below. Based on that footage alone, it looks like a Switch game worth playing. Hopefully it'll release earlier on in 2018.

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