Nintendo Being Vague With Updates Is Not Cool

When I download a new driver update for my graphics card, or Sony sends me a new update for my PS4, I get a detailed list of what they actually gave me so I can see the improvements as well as what was taken out to make room for said improvements. What they don't do is give you a short-hand message that's the equivalent of saying "Hey, we fixed that one thing, it's all cool now." Like a second-rate plumber who just does the job and doesn't tell you what they did because they assume you don't speak plumbing. Well, that's what Nintendo did yet again with their latest software update to the Nintendo Switch.


On their website, the notes for today's 2.2.0 software update for the console simply says "General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience." …THAT TELLS US NOTHING, NINTENDO! I've personally been going through my menus and games for about an hour and have noticed absolutely nothing different to make the experience enhanced or more stable than they were before. The management program for saving files appears to be taking up just a couple MB less space, but that's about all we and anyone else can figure out from the update. If you figure out what else it does, please, leave us a comment as we continue to mine through it.

But for now… Nintendo, darling. Knock it off and tell us what the hell is going on. Otherwise, you know someone will get angry and will figure out how to hack your system and get detailed reports of what gets changed to share with everyone anyway. We already bought the system, just say what you did.

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