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american jesus
Redrum has been cooperating with local authorities and initial reports and accounts from witnesses indicate that all safety protocols were in place and this was an unfortunate accident." Over the weekend, The Daily Beast posted an update with comments from Liliana Conlisk Gallegos, an artist & friend of Mufote, as well as allegations made by novelist Rick[...]
american jesus
Production company Redrum would then announce that it had temporarily paused production. Image: Netflix This weekend, The Daily Beast posted an update reporting on two individuals allegedly close to the production who are demanding an investigation into what they say are accusations that the show's crew was exploited to save production costs "Paco touched the hearts of[...]
Magic: The Gathering Commander July 2020 Update: No Changes
Commander is one of those major Magic: The Gathering formats that needs to update every so often, even if whole sets don't necessarily follow a rotation schedule Today, the Rules Committee for the format spoke about their updates for the quarter, which included no changes – at least, nothing that wasn't already announced in the last[...]
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Viewers were treated to a cast announcement video, rumors surfaced that filming would be taking place in and around Provincetown, and Murphy was even sharing some theme-related teaser art to fuel fan speculation (with the tagline "Things are beginning to wash up on shore"). So in the current social distancing environment, where do things stand in[...]
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This week, Bluehole will be testing the new 1.0 update on the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds servers, which will include some fancy new updates and abilities you may want to pay attention to Specifically, there will be new climbing and vaulting mechanics being added so players will have greater abilities and mobility for the brave who travel across[...]
What Nintendo Gave Your Switch In The Latest 3.0 Update
Nintendo sent out their 3.0.0 update for the Switch last night, which you can install manually this morning if you'd like, or it will be an automatic thing if the system sees you haven't done it after a certain period of time We have a list of what was sent to your system below but[...]
'Warspear Online' Getting Some Changes With New 6.5 Update
For those of you still digging on Warspear Online, there's some cool news you'll enjoy in the latest update AIGRING has now allowed players to restore deleted characters, as well as made changes for all who fight on the arena and spend gold hand-over-fist waiting for the necessary rare craft job. The 6.5 update called "Gladiators of Arinar" is[...]
Nintendo Being Vague With Updates Is Not Cool
When I download a new driver update for my graphics card, or Sony sends me a new update for my PS4, I get a detailed list of what they actually gave me so I can see the improvements as well as what was taken out to make room for said improvements What they don't do[...]
Xbox's New Beam Service Explained By Major Nelson
Yesterday the Xbox Live network and your Xbox One systems went through a new update which included the new Beam service for all consoles Well, not everyone was able to figure out right away how this service worked and why they couldn't just have a Twitch/YouTube feature Luckily, Major Nelson put together a video explaining[...]
'Civilization VI' To Receive A Major Upgrade This Week
Well, it looks like that's getting a change this week as 2K Games will be sending out a "Spring Update" this week to clean house and fix a lot of the balancing issues as well as bug updates Below is the complete list of what you'll be expecting to see once the update takes hold[...]