Nintendo's Next Direct Mini: Partner Showcase Is On September 17th

Nintendo is sure loving the Direct Mini system they've now been using lately, pushing one out nearly every month, with another on the way tomorrow. The company very briefly revealed today that they will be holding another video presentation tomorrow morning, which will kick off at 7am PDT, running for about 30 minutes and "featuring information about upcoming Nintendo Switch titles exclusively from Nintendo's publishing partners." As you might suspect from previous Direct Mini plans that involve partners, you're not going to be getting any first-party titles. This is all about outside publishers not working on Nintendo-specific games promoting what they have coming to the console both in the near future and down the road. So far these have been pretty well-received as people are getting both AAA and indie title reveals that they had no idea were on the way.

The next Nintendo Direct Mini will focus on partners on September 17th, courtesy of Nintendo.
The next Nintendo Direct Mini will focus on partners on September 17th, courtesy of Nintendo.

The real question that comes up, as it always does with this specific version, is how ill be involved. The truth is that while we can guess and saw we'll probably be seeing some announcements from SEGA and Ubisoft based on their recent drop of information over the past week, we really don't know who else is going to show up to this one. Considering some of the reveals we've had the past few times, and the fact that this is happening in the middle of PAX Online, don't be too surprised if this feels more like an Indie Showcase than a Partnered Showcase. Also, with the number of games that have been revealed the past month or so, don't expect to see too many surprises on this one as we're guessing most everything that's being revealed is probably already announced somewhere else, you're just getting a Nintendo confirmation.

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