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Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase Reveals First Half Of 2024
Nintendo held their February Nintendo Direct video this morning, as the new Partner Showcase showed off all of the games coming during the first half of 2024 Some of the most surprising and shocking of the bunch included THQ Nordic revealing Disney Epic Mickey Rebrushed, Capcom bringing back Monster Hunter Stories from the 3DS, a[...]
Everything Revealed During The September 2023 Nintendo Direct
This week, Nintendo sprang on us a new Nintendo Direct, in which they decided to show off a ton of new titles on the way for the Switch Among the highlights were the new Princess Peach title, a new 99 title featuring F-Zero, a remake of a classic Paper Mario title, and Mario ve Donkey[...]
All The Surprises Revealed During June 2023's Nintendo Direct
This morning, Nintendo held one of its many Nintendo Direct livestreams, showing off a lot of new games on the way to the Nintendo Switch The event had over 40 minutes worth of content to show off, starting with a look at Pokémon Scarlet & Violet's DLC update on the way with chaptered content, the[...]
Nintendo Direct Reveals Several New Switch Releases For 2023
The first Nintendo Direct of 2023 took place this afternoon, as the latest livestream showed what the company has in store for the first half of 2023 Some of the major highlights were a great look at Pikmin 4, showing off characters and new mechanics coming to this edition coming in July, new additions coming[...]
The Nintendo Direct Mini Provides Dozens Of New Game Updates
Nintendo aired their latest Nintendo Direct Mini livestream this morning showing off several games from partners bringing in new titles This particular video games us a number of awesome reveals including Portal: Companion Collection being launched today, the announcement of Blanc, Dragon Quest Treasures coming this December to the Switch, Pac-Man World Re-Pac will drop[...]
Nintendo Announces Several 2022 Titles In Latest Direct Livestream
This afternoon, Nintendo held another one of their Nintendo Direct livestreams, giving us a better picture of what's coming in 2022 The big reveals for the day included the latest Fire Emblem Warriors title coming out this June, Advance Wars 1+2 is on the way, No Man's Sky is finally coming to the Switch, a[...]
Nintendo Unveils Several Announcements During Fall 2021 Direct
Nintendo launched their latest Nintendo Direct livestream this afternoon for Fall 2021, showing off a ton of games on the way and more The big takeaways from today's reveal covered some interesting territory First off, we're getting Bayonetta 3 sometime in the Spring of 2022 after a brand new trailer with some gameplay was revealed[...]
We Recap Everything From The Nintendo Direct For E3 2021
Nintendo saved the best for last on the final day of E3 2021, as their Nintendo Direct showed off a lot of new games coming in 2021 The company had a lot of pressure going into this, not from anyone in the company or whatnot, but from fans who were basically demanding a lot from[...]
Nintendo Announces Indie World Showcase For August 19th
If you're not already familiar with the concept, this is essentially like their Nintendo Direct feeds, only this one is squarely focused on indie game and developer content coming to the Switch The show is expected to go about 20 minutes, which in that time they'll most likely run through a long list of titles[...]
Nintendo Direct Main Logo
Nintendo announced today that they will be doing their next Nintendo Direct livestream tomorrow, February 17th, 2021 It's been a minute since we've had a proper Nintendo one since the last few have revolved around indie games and other companies bringing games to the consoles According to the company themselves in the brief amount of[...]
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During the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, it was revealed that the massive, screen-filling Divine Beasts will also be playable in the game Using the over-the-top powers of the Divine Beasts will surely help players find victory when used in their respective stages. Immortals Fenyx Rising: The fate of the world is at stake Play as[...]
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So far these have been pretty well-received as people are getting both AAA and indie title reveals that they had no idea were on the way. The next Nintendo Direct Mini will focus on partners on September 17th, courtesy of Nintendo. The real question that comes up, as it always does with this specific version, is how[...]
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While there was a lot of speculation about Nintendo being predictable before Gamescom, the company had yet to announce a new Nintendo Direct This is a rarity from them as they usually let people know one or two days ahead of time with the usual, "Hey, this is coming, but we're not telling you what's[...]
We Review Monopoly Speed, House Divided, & Longest Game Ever
Skull Kid also possesses the power to change abilities based on the masks he dons. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase | July 2020 ( Last last night, Nintendo dropped the news on everyone they would be doing a Mini Direct this morning[...]
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Nintendo just dropped some news tonight that they will be throwing another Nintendo Direct, but of a different kind Tomorrow, Monday, July 20th, at 7am PDT, the company will be debuting the first Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase According to them, this is going to be a new series focused on titles from their development[...]
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Another event of sorts has been canceled for the summer as Nintendo will reportedly not do a Nintendo Direct in June Like a couple of other companies such as Devolver Digital and THQ Nordic, Nintendo doesn't do a live presentation in a theater or in-person setup for E3 They play a Nintendo Direct video, a[...]
Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Art
DRILLER DrillLand (June 25), The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (June 30) and Vigor (fall). can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Nintendo Direct Mini 3.26.20 ( Out of the blue without any warning from the company, Nintendo released a surprise Direct Mini on the public today with a ton of announcements[...]
Nintendo Announces Indie World Showcase For August 19th
Out of the blue this morning, Nintendo announced they would be holding a new Nintendo Direct, this one being Indie World themed The event will take place on YouTube and Twitch tomorrow, March 17th at 10am PDT According to the brief amount of info they released, it will contain "roughly 20 minutes of information on[...]
Nintendo Reveals A Lot More About "Animal Crossing: New Horizons"
Nintendo announced today they will be doing another Nintendo Direct, only this one will be focused on Animal Crossing: New Horizons The livestream will take place on YouTube on February 20th at 6am PDT for what will be about a 25-minute video Aside from obviously looking at the game, the video will feature an in-depth[...]
"Pokémon Sword & Shield" Sales Surpass Six Million Units Worldwide
Good news, Pokémon fans! The next Nintendo Direct livestream will take place this week, and it will specifically be a Pokémon Direct The word came down this morning on their social media and official website, letting fans know the feed will happen this Thursday, January 9th The feed will kick off at 6:30am PT, which[...]
Nintendo Reveals What They're Bringing To SDCC 2019
If a particular pattern holds true, then it appears Nintendo will be giving us a Nintendo Direct livestream sometime in the next month We haven't had a stream from the company in a few months as they basically did one before PAX West 2019 to show off all the new games before the holidays, as[...]
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In the latest Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that the next evolution of Tetris 99 is on the horizon Tomorrow, Tetris 99 2.0 is coming to Nintendo Switch. Credit: Nintendo The 2.0 update will bring a slew of changes to the game Players will be able to complete daily missions to earn tickets Those tickets can be[...]
"Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020" Gets A Story Mode
Of all the news to come out of the Nintendo Direct feed today, Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 getting a story mode was unexpected We now know that part of the game will be set in the past, but what exactly you'll be doing there is a little unknown as the[...]
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During the Nintendo Direct feed today, we learned that Return Of The Obra Dinn would be coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime in Fall 2019 Developed by Lucas Pope, the game was originally released back in October 2018 for PC The game puts you int he shoes of an investigator who is trying to figure[...]
Nintendo Reveals More About "Luigi's Mansion 3" On Nintendo Direct
Nintendo's latest Nintendo Direct feed gave us the last bit of info we'll probably receive for Luigi's Mansion 3 before the game releases on October 31st What we learned from this introduction from the developers is that a haunted hotel gave them carte blanche to basically make whatever themed room they wished We're also getting[...]
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Bethesda Softworks jumped in on the Nintendo Direct feed to announce that DOOM 64 will be released on the Nintendo Switch We already kinda knew the game was coming back in July, but now we have confirmation as the game returns in all of its glory This is the first time since it was released[...]