Modder Releases Tongue-In-Cheek Doom Mod That Adds Loot Boxes

The original Doom mod community has done some amazing things in previous years. Most of it has to do with getting various bits of tech to play Doom, from calculators to printers to a Macbook Pro Touch Bar. However, this new mod is… something else.

Poking fun at the messy loot box conversation happening right now all across the gaming community, modder Rip and Tear has created the Doom Loot Box Mod. The mod removes all weapons and power-ups from the game and replaces them with blind boxes. They are locked, but enemies have a small chance to drop a key that you can use to get a random drop (weighted towards worse guns, of course). There is even a fake in-game store that sells boxes and keys, but jokingly, the server is down.

You can check out how it plays right here:

Source: VG247

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