Overwatch League's Code of Conduct is Leaked to Public

Give some respect to esports broadcaster Richard Lewis who took the initiative in posting what he says is the complete Code Of Conduct for Overwatch League, after he scanned the entire document and posted it online. As some of you may recall, the League commissioner Nate Nanzer said they would post the rules so everyone was clear about what was going on and make everything transparent, but the League still hasn't done so. Some of what's inside is pretty detailed and surprising as to what the players agreed to, including allowing them to put cameras inside the team's homes and film them 24/7 in every room except the bathroom. And in case you're curious about how all these players are getting fined and suspended for their actions online, there's a clause about that which seems to be their way of punishing anyone who steps out of line for any reason.

overwatch league

In no event may any streaming include any video game content, actions, comments, language or other material that could be expected to bring any Player, the League, any of its Teams, any direct or indirect owner of any Team, any executive or other employee of the League, Activision Blizzard or any of its games, products and services or any broadcaster, distributor, sponsor, licensee or other business partner of the League of any of its Teams into Disrepute.

Some of the more insane pieces, which Kotaku went over in-depth, is how the league own the rights to turn all of the footage they record into a reality show, as well as the ability to use their likeness, gamertag, bio, stats, personality, and streams of Blizzard titles for future projects. Which means if they create a new show based on all of these experiences from the first year, none of the players will get paid royalties for their likeness being used. Which also goes for merchandise, as the players aren't getting a dime off any of those jerseys you see in the crowd. So the next time someone tells you esports players are treated like physical sports players, don't buy into the hype. Every NBA/NFL/MLB player you know gets a royalty from documentaries they're featured in, as well as a cut of jersey sales with their name on it.

How do you feel about the contracts and the Code of Conduct? Do you believe its fair considering the profession they're in? Or do you believe Overwatch League went too far?

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