Owlcat Games Is Currently Raising Funds For 'Pathfinder: Kingmaker Video Game

Pathfinder, the alternative to D&D for people who liked 3.5 and didn't want to try Fifth Edition. The game has long been an alternative for role-playing fans who wanted to try a different game without having to relearn a lot of new mechanics and systems but still offered new alternatives to gameplay that the system it's based on would never do. A good example: I can play as an Android in Pathfinder. I friggin' Android!

credit//Owlcat Games
credit//Owlcat Games

So the news of a proper video game should come as great news to fans of the game as Paizo Publishing has teamed with Owlcat Games to make Pathfinder: Kingmaker. The company are currently seeking funds for the title on Kickstarter, and as of when this article was written, they're getting pretty close to financing their $500k goal. The game itself will have adventure paths for you to follow with pre-written storylines as your character becomes a baron over an area called the "Stolen Lands" and you must fortify and defend said area.

You can head over here to fund the Kickstarter and read more about the game as they continue to reveal more details about it as money comes it. It's basically a no-brainer that with 30 days left on the clock, they're going to get funded. How much funding and what else will get added is entirely up to the fans.

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