Pearl Abyss Shows Off More Of The Sage In Black Desert Online

Pearl Abyss revealed more details on their upcoming character addition to Black Desert Online in the form of the Sage. The developers haven't been dropping a lot of lore on this one with the buildup to their reveal, as it seems they're going to save every bit of useful knowledge about the character until it comes to PC on March 17th and on consoles on March 31st. By all accounts, which includes the brief description they gave below, we're getting one of the last characters in the game that will be able to use powerful magic. Those of us who played many a tabletop RPG would define this character is the ultimate glass cannon as it looks like they will be able to do a ton of damage with spells, but won't have a ton of health.

A look at the Sage as he is about to be added to Black Desert Online. Courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
A look at the Sage as he is about to be added to Black Desert Online. Courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

The Last Ancient. Armed with the cube-shaped Kyve, an ancient, god-defying weapon, Sage can open rifts in space, calling on Ator's Fist and a range of offensive spells to smite his foes. He can control time to reduce the cooldown of specific skills, giving himself and his allies a strategic upper hand. Sage is also the only class that can access Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple without any entry items.

The team released a new trailer kind of showing the character off in the game, but it's really just a teaser with a bunch of pre-made content that doesn't reflect on what they can do. On the bright side, it's kinda cool that we're basically going to get the fantasy version of Doctor Strange in the game that looks like he doesn't care what stands in his way. Enjoy the trailer!

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