Barotrauma Received The New Thunder Under The Ice Update

Daedalic Entertainment has released a new update for Barotrauma with more underwater options in Thunder Under The Ice. The free update, which went into effect today, has basically given the game a few new things you can do and have to encounter, while also providing several quality of life updates. It won't matter if you're a newbie or an experienced hand, there's a lot that can be experienced in this update that will give you a challenge. You can read more about the update below, as we wish you the best of luck under the sea.

There's a lot that can go wrong in the icy darkness... Courtesy of Daedalic Entertainment.
There's a lot that can go wrong in the icy darkness… Courtesy of Daedalic Entertainment.

Barotrauma: More Missions

Mission variety is one of the biggest elements of the game the team has been bolstering this year. In keeping with more variety, this update brings several new missions. Roughly divided into three types, new missions include the many subtypes of escort missions, overhauled cargo missions and the entirely new pirate missions.


Just as abandoned outposts introduced squatting outlaws, Barotrauma is adding new sub-vs-sub battle missions where you must take on a submarine controlled by pirates, a brand new hostile NPC. In addition to giving the player a good reason to use their many new guns, this has offered Barotrauma's art team a chance to come up with new and suitably rugged looks for Europa's newest villains.

More Guns

Over the years, adding new guns to subs on the go has been a highly requested feature and now the team is happy to deliver this feature. Now, when docked at a colony outpost, players can modify their submarine's offensive capabilities. For the time being, this only concerns weapons, but the team is considering adding similar functionality for other submarine devices in the future. Besides adding more guns to your boats, we're adding brand new kinds of guns and ammunition:

  • Pulse Laser, a large pulsed chemical laser attached to a turret, capable of firing intense beams of energy. Even more dangerous when used with the special Pulse Tri-Laser Fuel.
  • Chaingun, a powerful multiple-barrel turreted weapon, based on coilgun technology. For added lethality, use the special Physicorium Chaingun Ammo.
  • Canister Shell, a new ammo type for the railgun: basically a huge shotgun shell that can be refilled with lead at a crafting station.

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