[Update] Pewdiepie Says He Will Delete His YouTube Account Today After Reaching 50 Million Subscribers


So this story has been running for a few weeks, and it looks like it is going to come to some kind of conclusion very soon.

In case you hadn't heard Felix 'Pewdiepie' Kjellberg, the biggest YouTuber in the world, has been vowing to delete his channel if he reach 50 million subscribers. This was started in part because of a percieved YouTube algorithm change that has seen a lot of YouTubers lose followers and prioritise 'trending videos' over constant quality content.

He achieved the goal yesterday, and in a tweet he confirmed that he will shut down his channel at 5 PM GMT.

There is still some confusion, and a lot of speculation about if he will go through it. But this would be a huge deal. A following of 50 million users is bigger than any TV show, or most movies get. He is a serious, serious player in the entertainment field. What he does matters to online content, one way or another.

[Update: Well, the man was true to his word…kind of. Not really. He did infact delete his YouTube channel, just not his main one. Instead, he posted this video of him deleting 'jack septiceye2'. This was a parody account of fellow Let's Player Jacksepticeye. The YouTuber admitted this started somewhat as a joke that spiraled a little bit. He then pokes some fun at the press for reporting on the story [Hey like this one!]

Here's the video:

I'm fine with this honestly. He did help bring a ton of attention to YouTube's changes, and while I wouldn't say most in the press 'fell' for it, rather just reporting on what he said, no hard feelings here!]

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