Planet Coaster Will Be Released For Mac Players In November

Aspyr and Frontier Developments revealed this week that they will finally be bringing Planet Coaster over to Mac, finally giving those players a shot at the game. For the most part, the game is going to remain the same beyond menu controls and a few other odds and ends, giving Mac players the same experience PC players have had the entire time. You'll be able to take on challenges in helping bring parks back from being in the gutter all the way to designing the theme park of your dreams and building the roller coasters you desire. The main game itself will be selling for $45, as well as all of the DLC's individually priced at $11 a pop. That includes the World's Fair Pack, Classic Rides, Vintage Pack, Studios Pack, Adventure Pack, Spooky Pack, and the popular Ghostbusters addition. We got a couple of quotes from the devs below about the Mac version, as a final date has yet to be finlaized.

Finally, Mac players will be able to tackle Planet Coaster, courtesy of Aspyr.
Finally, Mac players will be able to tackle Planet Coaster, courtesy of Aspyr.

"We've always wanted to bring the joy and excitement of Planet Coaster to as many players as possible, so we are delighted to be working with Aspyr to bring the game to Mac players," said Jonny Watts, Chief Creative Officer at Frontier Developments. "With Aspyr's wealth of experience, we felt they were ideally placed to deliver the best possible experience to players on Mac."

"Planet Coaster has long been a favorite for simulation game fans who can't get enough of creating the ultimate amusement park, from designing scream-inducing roller coasters to building magical backdrops and scenery, managing operations and more. However, that experience was never available for Mac gamers – until now," said Elizabeth Howard, Vice President of Publishing at Aspyr. "We know players are going to have an absolute blast bringing their theme park visions to life."

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