Pokémon GO Fest 2020 Preparation Guide #2: Pokémon Storage

Pokémon GO Fest 2020 is just around for corner for Pokémon GO players, as Niantic brings their annual blowout event to trainers remotely. With GO Fest 2020 able to be played from wherever players of the mobile game are, preparation for the event will be different from previous years. Bleeding Cool is here to help, with our pre-launch series, GO Fest 2020 Preparation Guide.

Pokémon GO promo art, non-specific to GO Fest 2020. Credit: Niantic.
Pokémon GO promo art, non-specific to GO Fest 2020. Credit: Niantic.

Pokémon GO Fest 2020 Preparation Guide #2: Pokémon Storage

In this second installment, we are here to help you make sure you have room for all of the Pokémon you want to catch, both before GO Fest 2020 and during the event. Even if you stay at home using only Incense to attract Pokémon, you will encounter up to 2,400 spawns… and with a maximum storage of 3000, this can be an issue. Here is how to make sure you won't miss out on an important catch due to clogged storage.

Tips on clearing your storage

The first thin trainers must do is as obvious as it is difficult: transfer Pokémon you don't need. Many catches can be sentimental, and that's okay, but there are other Pokémon that are taking up space without cause. Here's a breakdown of what you should transfer, and why:

  • Legendary Pokémon: Yeah, we're coming in hot. Many trainers will keep dozens of one species of Legendaries caught from raids. While it may seem like blasphemy to transfer a Moltres, especially when newer players don't have one, be realistic with your approach to storage. Due to the stardust cost and one-per-day limit of trading Legendaryies, the likelihood of trading many of these isn't high. Save your strongest and your favorites of each species, potentially one or two for trading, and transfer the rest.
  • Rare Pokémon that other trainers may need: While the thought is nice, by the time you will have traded your ten extra Kangaskan to trainers in need, there will be an event where it becomes common again. Everything in Pokémon GO comes back around, and you don't have to sacrifice your storage to be the Pokémon Santa.
  • Community Day Shinies: This may be rough, but some trainers catch up to thirty or more Shiny Pokémon during Community Days. While it may feel heartbreaking to transfer a Shiny, ask yourself: is your gameplay enriched by having three dozen Shiny Weedle?

Sorting Pokémon during GO Fest 2020

The trick to transferring Pokémon at GO Fest is that you'll want to be able to do it fast. Spawns will come to players using incense every thirty seconds, so any time longer than that spent looking through storage will lead to missed spawns. Your Pokémon storage uses search terms which will make sorting new catches lighting fast. Here's how to do it:

  • Sort your Pokémon by "Recent."
  • Search 4* for 100% IV Pokémon, 3* for three-star IVs, and 2* for two-star, and so on. Search "Shiny" to see Shiny Pokémon, Shadow for those caught from Team Rocket, and more terms which you can read here.

And finally, pick your focus and transfer accordingly:

  • Shiny Hunters: You'll want the quickest possible transfers to maximize catching. Every twenty minutes of gameplay, catch a newly spawned Pokémon and immediately after, pop into your storage. Search "4*" and favorite any new 100% IV Pokémon. Then, clear the search term away and begin selecting Pokémon to click. Spend only about twenty seconds doing this, keeping an eye on your storage numbers as you do so. You can use this method to mass transfer quickly, essentially getting rid of everything that isn't a 100% or a shiny.
  • Power Players: You want to make sure you're not missing any powerful Pokémon that aren't 100% IVs? There may be great 3* catches in there. Search "3*" after the initial search, quickly appraise the ones you've acquired, and then favorite your keepers before transferring. This may miss you a few shinies, but it will still be fairly quick.
  • PVP Players: PVP IVs are a far more complicated system, with no in-game method of testing the Pokémon's stats outside of memorizing what is best for each league. Looking for optimal Great League and Ultra League Pokémon will dramatically slow down GO Fest 2020 catching, so my advice to be to pick a species or two that you want for PVP and save every one you catch, so that you can measure their stats against the GO Battle League meta afterwards. Limiting your search will allow you to keep catching while still increasing your chances of achieving your goal.

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