Pokémon GO Mareep Incense Day 2021 Event Review

Yesterday, Pokémon GO players were treated to a six-hour event in the form of Mareep Incense Day. Let's take a look at what worked with this Pokémon GO event and what didn't.

Mareep Incense Day image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Mareep Incense Day image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

What Worked in this Pokémon GO Event

  • This was a very smart way to hold an event within an event without stepping on players' toes. With the Mareep Incense Day spawns strictly popping off of incense, those hoping to focus on the Hoenn Celebration Event on its final day were able to still do exactly that.
  • The Electric Hours were useful for those hoping to complete the Hoenn Collection Challenge without hitting PokéStops. This is because Plusle and Minun were required catches but were not popping on the map outside of this Incense Event.
  • The one coin box in the in-game shop offered three Incense, which felt fair.
  • Mareep is a terrific Pokémon and spotlighting it like this following the release of Mega Ampharos was both fun and useful.

What Didn't Work in this Pokémon GO Event

  • The Dragon Hours. Now, on the surface, these were fine. There was a good amount of Bagon spawning and it wasn't bad. But I think the Pokémon GO community is tired of being told they're getting Filet Mignon and receiving a roast beef sandwich. Listen, we were told what the Dragon spawns would be… but they're largely not dragons. Don't call them that. If we're going to get Dragon hours, don't hold back. Niantic loves to keep Gible, Deino, and Axew at arm's length to keep them rare so interest remains high, but enough if enough. Next time Niantic even says "Dragon," if one of those three aren't spawning… then we're being had.


In a month characterized by underwhelming Pokémon GO events that seem, even compared to events as recent as late last year's, underwhelming… the Mareep Incense Day was a fun and light hour of gameplay that offered a lot and only frustrated a little.

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