Pokémon TCG Sends Chilling Reign Replacements As A Blister Pack

The Pokémon Company seems to be going the extra mile to make things right with customers. When Chilling Reign was first released, the Pokémon Center sold an exclusive, expanded version of the classic Pokémon TCG product, the Elite Trainer Box. The box had premium items and was meant to include ten packs rather than the normal eight that mainline expansions get. While the additional packs were the main incentive, this box also included altered box artwork and slightly different card sleeves, which made it a collector's item for both card collectors and sealed collectors alike. However, when these Pokémon Center-exclusive products were sent out, they were sent with an apology. There were only eight packs rather than the promised ten. The apology promised that the Pokémon TCG would make it up by sending the missing packs along with a bonus of the Galarian Articuno V, Galarian Zapdos V, and Galarian Moltres V cards from Chilling Reign. Now, these replacement products are beginning to arrive in a manner that is leaving many collectors pleasantly surprised.

Chilling Reign logo. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Chilling Reign logo. Credit: Pokémon TCG

The bonus packs and three cards aren't arriving as one would expect. The thought was that the three cards would be in a cellophane wrapper, much in the same way that promo cards are sent when given through the Pokémon Center. Instead, we're essentially getting an exclusive sorry-we-messed-up blister pack featuring two booster packs, an unannounced coin, and the three cards displayed as promo cards. While I'm personally not one to purchase product to keep it sealed, I can tell just by virtue of being an avid Pokémon TCG collector that the sealed collectors are going to be after this one. It's about as unique of a product as can be imagined. To get this two-pack blister, one had to order the original Chilling Reign Pokémon Center-exclusive Elite Trainer Box during one of the few short windows where that was possible. Now, the only way to get this product otherwise will be the secondary market.

You can see photos of the product here.

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