Pokémon TCG Turns Shining Fates Tins To Boxes For Walmart

In March 2021, the Pokémon TCG released one of the franchise's most exciting sets: Shining Fates. This set was a sequel to the landmark Hidden Fates and, like its predecessor, featured a huge subset of cards called the Shiny Vault that featured Shiny Pokémon. This time around, the Shiny Vault included a mixture of new Galarian Pokémon and classic species from previous regions, including the Shiny Charizard VMAX which features the iconic fire-breather in its towering Gigantamax form. As a special set, Shining Fates packs aren't available to buy as single packs and in booster boxes as with the currently Sword & Shield-branded Pokémon TCG sets. Instead, like 2020's Champion's PathShining Fates products include an array of items such as the Mad Party Pin Collections which include a pin and three packs, the Pikachu V Box with a promo card and four-packs, the Premium Collections with two promo cards and seven packs, the Elite Trainer Box with a promo and ten packs, and the V Tins which feature a promo and six packs. Now, a new product has been added to the line-up… kind of. Walmart will exclusively sell Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates V Collection Boxes.

Shining Fates tins. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Shining Fates tins. Credit: Pokémon TCG

Basically, these new products are much the same as the tins pictured above. They will include the same promos — Cramorant, Eldegoss, or Boltund — as the tins, but they will add something while subtracting something else. The boxes will include a jumbo version of the Shiny Promos, the same way that the Dragault and Crobat VMAX Premium Collections do. Unlike the tins, though, the Walmart-exclusive boxes will contain five packs rather than six and will retail at $5 USD under the tins.

If you are a Pokémon TCG completionist, just note that the standard-size Shiny Promo Cramorant, Boltund, and Eldegoss cards featured in these boxes are the same exact cards as the tins. The only truly new addition here is the jumbo version.

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