Pokémon TCG Value Watch: Crown Zenith In February 2023

Pokémon TCG Value Watch: Crown Zenith in February 2023 notes one card take a big hit... but which is it? This new set is real dynamic!

The Pokémon TCG is an ever-changing and unpredictable market. Over the past two years, we've seen renewed interest in the hobby due to a number of factors, including the 25th Anniversary, strong Sword & Shield-era sets featuring stunning Alternate Arts, influencers, box breaks, COVID-19 lockdown pushing people to find hobbies, and more. For a time, sets and cards that were readily available quickly became difficult to find. Now that the hype is settling down let's see where modern sets stand. Every month, I will do an installment of this series, Pokémon TCG Value Watch. This series is not financial advice but is rather a way to help collectors know the trajectory of a card's availability so that Pokémon TCG completionists like myself know when to strike. Today, let's see how the cards of Crown Zenith, which came out in January 2023, are doing in February 2023.

Crown Zenith Mew. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Crown Zenith Mew. Credit: Pokémon TCG

Here are the top valued cards of Pokémon TCG: Crown Zenith with market values observed on TCGPlayer as of this writing:

  1. Elesa's Sparkle Full Art 147/159: $36.89
  2. Pikachu Secret Rare 160/159: $29.22
  3. Friends in Hisui Full Art 148/159: $18.98
  4. Friends in Sinnoh Full Art 149/159: $14.40
  5. Radiant Charizard 020/159: $11.61

The main attraction of Crown Zenith is the Galarian Gallery subset consisting of Illustration Rares and Special Illustration Rares. Let's take a look at the top-valued cards of this subset:

  1. Giratina VSTAR Gold Secret Rare: GG69/GG70: $164.32
  2. Mewtwo VSTAR Special Illustrator Rare: GG44/GG70: $115.97
  3. Arceus VSTAR Gold Secret Rare: GG70/GG70: $112.61
  4. Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR Gold Secret Rare: GG68/GG70: $67.69
  5. Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR Gold Secret Rare: GG67/GG70: $64.88
  6. Leafeon VSTAR Special Illustrator Rare: GG35/GG70: $41.58
  7. Glaceon VSTAR Special Illustrator Rare: GG40/GG70: $39.36
  8. Suicune V Special Illustrator Rare: GG38/GG70: $37.57
  9. Darkrai VSTAR Special Illustrator Rare: GG50/GG70: $31.21
  10. Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR Special Illustrator Rare: GG56/GG70: $29.83
  11. Raikou V Special Illustrator Rare: GG41/GG70: $28.50
  12. Entei V Special Illustrator Rare: GG36/GG70: $27.82
  13. Cynthia's Ambition Special Illustrator Rare Trainer Supporter: GG60/GG70: $26.12
  14. Irida Special Illustrator Rare Trainer Supporter: GG63/GG70: $23.17
  15. Deoxys VMAX Special Illustrator Rare: GG45/GG70: $21.71

Elesa's Sparkle Full Art actually rose quite a bit which is unusual behavior, moving past the Pikachu Secret Rare to gain almost $18 in market value since release. Pikachu Secret Rare, which was the top card of the main set last time we looked, has dropped $13 and falls to slot two.

In the Galarian Gallery, Giratina VSTAR Gold Secret Rare remains steady as the highest-valued card. Mewtwo VSTAR Special Illustrator Rare, which was propped up not only by featuring the iconic Mewtwo but also a Charizard, has fallen a whopping $50 this past month. I can see it falling further to make the Arceus Gold Secret Rare end up the more valuable card.

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