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PUBG: Battlegrounds Reveals New Update With 1v1 Arena

Krafton Inc. is launching a new update into PUBG: Battlegrounds with new content, including the first 1v1 mode to grace the game. The 17.2 Update will be released into the game on May 11th for PC and May 19th for consoles, as you'll be able to test each other's skills on a much more personal level in the new 1v1 Arena, which is being added to Training Mode. You'll also be getting several updates made to the Spotter Scope as well as balance changes to 5.56mm Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) and the Mortar. There's also a special B.Duck collaboration happening in the game that you probably won't be able to miss when you're near water. We have some of the more important notes below, but you can find a complete rundown here.

Did you know there's a B.Duck collab happening in PUBG: Battlegrounds? We didn't until now! Courtesy of Krafton Inc.
Did you know there's a B.Duck collab happening in PUBG: Battlegrounds? We didn't until now! Courtesy of Krafton Inc.
  • 1v1 Arena in Training Mode: The 1v1 Arena has finished construction and is now available in Training Mode to welcome all types of combat practice in a suspenseful 1v1 setting. Players can go through 1v1 rounds with an opposing player or spectate intense battles and see who truly is the best of the squad.
  • Spotter Scope Update: The previous Patch Notes hinted some big and small changes were soon to come to the Spotter Scope. The Spotter Scope and its automatic features of marking and following enemies continue to show overly strong performance, causing more stress than enjoyable experiences to our players. Therefore, the enemy detection range has been reduced from 1000m to 600m and the white passive marker will not appear automatically in ADS mode. Please visit the patch notes to see the full breakdown of changes made to the Spotter Scope.
  • Weapon Balancing: Update 17.2 introduces changes to the 5.56mm DMRs – specifically the MK12 and the Mini14. Following the damage-related update, players found it challenging to handle the MK12 so its recoil recovery value has been improved to come in line with the Mini14's stability. The Mini14's damage has also been increased from 47 to 48. Following the release of the Taego-only Mortar weapon, the team has collected valuable player feedback and decided to implement changes to unlock its hidden potential. The Mortar can now be deployed on any terrain, except when the deploy angle is not secured or on water. The weapon will also be available on all maps, except Haven, in Normal matches and it will now take up the inventory slot.

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