PUBG Mobile Receives A New Mysterious Jungle Update

PUBG Mobile is getting a new update as the Mysterious Jungle makes an appearance on the map and holds secrets to benefit you. According to the devs, the Mysterious Jungle adds new features to the tactical side of gameplay in the dense and rugged forest map of Sanhok. This fresh new jungle-themed update has an added experience in an already intense battlefield, as you will wind your way around platforms and carved statues and dense forest area that is already a pain to try and shoot through, but now you have to navigate it all. Today's jungle update to the Sanhok map comes just a few weeks after a sandstorm took over Miramar, which was an event to see on its own. That storm delivered a massive wave of new features into the game, and it looks like this one is going to be doing the same. You can read more about the update below, and if you wish, you can download the game for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Good luck in the new jungle areas in PUBG Mobile.
Good luck in the new jungle areas in PUBG Mobile.

Players who queue for Sanhok in Classic Mode will have the random chance to activate and get into the new Jungle Adventure Mode, adding several mysterious totems to get different blessings. Players can activate Power Totems, Strategy Totems, and Protection Totems to repair Helmets and Vests, restore Energy and restore Health, respectively. In addtion to the mysterious and powerful totems, players can also experience the following features in the new Jungle Adventure:

  • Jungle Food – Special fruit now grow throughout Sanhok, and players who loot and consume them have the chance to experience mystical effects. Random Buffs and Debuff allow players to be able to sense Air Drops, restore Health or Energy, or cause dizziness.
  • Hot Air Balloons – This all-new vehilce allows players to take to the skies and survey the battlefield.

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