"PUBG Mobile" Receives The New Winter Festival Update

Tencent and PUBG Corp. released a brand new 0.16.0 update into PUBG Mobile this week, sending the game into a Winter Festival and more. We have the full details of what's been added to PUBG Mobile for you below, which has added a bunch of gear as well as some updates and balances. Including the new RageGear Mode for you to get crazy with.

Credit: PUBG Corp.

· RageGear Mode – In this all-new EvoGround mode, players are divided into two factions and are assigned to be either the driver or shooter of a vehicle. Each vehicle is mounted with a powerful weapon including the Gatling, Shotgun, or RPG. The shooter fight with special weapons which are the Gatling, RPG, Grenade Launcher and the M249.

RageGear TDM: Players must destroy enemy vehicles to earn points, with the team reaching the score limit first taking home the chicken dinner

RageGear PickUp: Players must collect a certain number of Point Crates first to win, but will lose all Crates if their vehicle is destroyed

· Snow Paradise – When queueing for Erangel in Classic mode, players have a chance to enter Snow Paradise, where the Spawn Island is covered in white frost. Players also have the chance to ride cable car lifts and snowboards once they drop into the map.

· Healing Mobility – Players can now use health kits, boost items and adrenaline syringes while moving, with movement speed greatly reduced. Bandages are also now automatically used in succession

· Loadouts – A new loadout screen has been added to Team Death Match Mode for players to edit and customize their starting weapons. Every firearm can be unlocked at a different Evo Level, and all offer mastery levels for additional attachments

· Perspectives Button – While in Third Person Perspective (TPP), players can now toggle in and out of First Person Perspective(FPP) with a new button in Classic, Arcade and Training Grounds modes

· New Sliding Mechanic – Players can now choose to enable or disable character sliding in Team Death Match mode

· Firearm Balances – In Classic mode, multiple weapons have been adjusted to develop more balanced gameplay, including:

Bolt-Action Rifles: Damage to torso increased by 30%

AWM: Bullet damage reduced from 132 to 120

Crossbow: Damage to torso and limbs increased 40% and 20%, respectively

S12K: Bullet damage increased from 22 to 24

Sawed-off: Bullet damage increased from 20 to 22

S686/S1897: Bullet damage increased from 24 to 26

Shotguns: Maximum bullet distance reduced from 1,000 to 150 meters

Duckbill: Increased vertical bullet spread and reduced horizontal spread

· Collaboration content with Angry Birds – Ten years since the birth of the Angry Birds brand, players have the chance to unlock crossover items and enjoy a mini-game in Spawn Island throwing Angry Birds bombs. Rewards can be won by completing missions in the Angry Birds Adventure event.

· Additional Features – Several new miscellaneous features have been added, including performance balances, a spectator tier limit, backpack ornaments and the ability to report friendly-fire kills in-game.

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