PUBG Mobile Reveals Details On The Royale Pass For Season 15

PUBG Corp. and Tencent Games have released details of what you can expect for the PUBG Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass. This season, which is being called "Beyond A.C.E.", is the look-good-feel-good pass you wish you had a few seasons ago. This one will introduce a wave of never-before-seen outfits and gear skins that you can toss onto your character, along with what they're calling "tasteful recreations" of the game's classic outfits. Once you sign up for the season and spend your time completing in-game challenges, you'll get the chance to earn special themed rewards, which included the first-ever chance to upgrade the original gear and outfits you love and hold precious. Kinda. You can read more about what's to come in the pass as well as check out a video showing off some of the gear.

A look at some of the skins for the Royale Pass for Season 15, courtesy of PUBG Corp.
A look at some of the skins for the Royale Pass for Season 15, courtesy of PUBG Corp.

In addition to Season 15's collectable rewards, the game's partial user interface and rewards displays are receiving an upgrade. Bookmarks are now relocated, and players can browse for both leveled and unpurchased rewards. Players can also now purchase vouchers directly in the voucher window, and RP points acquired between seasons will automatically convert to ordinary point cards. Today's Royale Pass Season 15 arrives just days after the launch PUBG Mobile New Era Version 1.0, which includes a revamped Erangel map, along with additional gameplay improvements, including visuals enhancement, new UX, 90 frame-per-second capabilities etc.

Several miscellaneous upgrades to PUBG Mobile's subscription options are also now available, including:

  • Plus Subscription rewards can now be redeemed for three 300UC Vouchers rather than one 900UC Voucher
  • New notifications have been added for RP point redemption
  • An RP subscriptions video is now available, along with monthly price details.

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