PUBG Season 7 Kicks Off With A New Look For Vikendi

PUBG Corp. announced this morning that they have launched Season 7 of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with a major update to Vikendi. The developers released a new 7.1 patch that added an update to the map as well as a number of new additions to the game. The update comes with more than just a map reword as the Survivor Pass has a new Cold Front addition that will give you access to new costumes, like the ones you see below. There are several new missions for the community, the season, progression and challenge missions. You're getting a new weapon in the Mosin-Nagant, which will make sharp-shooters swoon. Along with a number of performance and stability improvements, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes. You can read more about the map update below as well as check out some of the new additions in action with the Season 7 trailer.

PUBG Season 7 comes with the Survivor Pass: Cold Front to get these new looks.
PUBG Season 7 comes with the Survivor Pass: Cold Front to get these new looks.

"When we launched Karakin back in Season 6, Vikendi was put on a short hiatus. During that time, we've put a lot of work into making PUBG's frosty Battleground something new and special. Once we were close to finished, we gathered a little more feedback and made adjustments after the PUBG Partner test last month. Now we're happy to announce that Vikendi is ready to be brought back into the fight in Update 7.1!

Vikendi has had quite a few changes since you saw it last. We've updated terrain, adjusted snow levels (and then readjusted them based on your test feedback), changed cities and landmarks, added a multi-track railway system to help navigate the island, and even converted the quaint Dino Park into Dinoland, the Prehistoric Park of the Future!

For those who want to embrace the culture of Vikendi, Survivor Pass: Cold Front is also available with new missions, rewards, and glimpses into the island's ill-fated past. There's also plenty of Dinoland merch available in the pass and we know some of you are just dying to play bullet tag while dressed as the lovable Alex the T-Rex. All in all, there are over 100 rewards to unlock, so pick up the pass and make Dinoland the new happiest place on Earth."

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