Pull Rate Quest: Opening Pokémon TCG: Chilling Reign Packs Part 6

Too often, Pokémon TCG influencers will rush to make a sweeping statement about a new set's pull rates. Battle Styles, for instance, is said to have a terrible pull rate. Personally, I've had rough boxes of Battle Styles, but I've also had multiple boxes with two Full Arts, a Secret Rare, and a total of fourteen white codes. It seems to be very much a crapshoot. In the interest of dispelling the idea that we can establish pull rates so early in a set's existence, I'm here to kick off Pull Rate Quest, a new series at Bleeding Cool where I open Pokémon TCG sets to show that you win some… and you lose some. I love the idea that openings like this can help show people what to expect in a set, but remember… a lot of it comes down to the luck of the draw. Let's open another Elite Trainer Box of Chilling Reign and see what we can get in this installment of Pull Rate Quest.

Chilling Reign Metagross V Full Art. Credit: Pokémon TCG.
Chilling Reign Metagross V Full Art. Credit: Pokémon TCG

This box ended up well worth the value… with a caveat. After opening multiple booster boxes and ETBs of Chilling Reign for this Pull Rate Quest series, I'm starting to build the set out quite a bit. While I still need certain holo rares, Pokémon V, and Pokémon VMAX, the vast majority of what I'm missing is in the Full Art and Secret Rare section of the set. Elite Trainer Boxes are on the higher end of Pokémon TCG products when it comes to the MSRP, and they don't guarantee any number of white code cards (holos or better) in the packs. When it comes down to it, if you're not interested in Booster Boxes, I recommend buying a couple of Elite Trainer Boxes and then moving to loose booster packs and blister packs with promo cards. That's the cheaper option and you have the same odds of pulling something spicy.

This was a successful Elite Trainer Box for me. I pulled both the standard Metagross V and the Full Art Metagross V, the latter of which was the pull of the box. Of the three Elite Trainer Boxes I opened, two of them now have yielded Full Art pulls while one offered only a Pokémon V.

This isn't the end of our Elite Trainer Box journey with Chilling Reign. While I do mean when I say that the best bet is to move to single packs at this point in the collecting phase, the Pokémon Center is releasing a special, expanded Elite Trainer Box with ten packs rather than eight. Bleeding Cool will be able to post a review of that entirely new product as soon as it ships.

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