Quake Champions Extends its Free-to-Play Period Another Week

Bethesda has announced that the free-to-play period for Quake Champions has been extended another week.

quake champions

Quake Champions is in an intriguing place right now. The game by most accounts is pretty good, but it has failed to set the world entirely on fire. This could be somewhat due to its status right now. The game is still in early access, with the intention of eventually going free-to-play, but can currently only be played by players who spend $30 for access to the early development stage.

Or at least that was the case. During E3 last week, it was announced that Quake Champions would be opening up its doors to everyone for a week period where everyone would be free to hop in and play. Well, if you have been playing and enjoying the game, or haven't yet and forgot to check it out, there is good news. It's been announced that the game will be extending its open period by a whole other week. The game is now free-to-play until June 25. All you have to do is scooch over to Steam, download it and have some fun.

It's worth keeping in mind, it doesn't seem like the game is going to be free to keep after this. Once the period is over, your access will be revoked unless you buy into the early access… or wait until the game comes out. At the same time, why not go have some fun now? Since Lawbreakers went down, Quake Champions' is definitely the place to go if you want some breakneck speed arena shooting akin to the late 90s. Have at it.