Rainbow Six Siege's Next Operator May be Invisible

Rainbow Six Siege will be unveiling new operators for Operation Phantom Sight, and the official twitter account for the game shared a teaser about the upcoming Attack operator, Nøkk.

The teaser video came with an appropriate tagline, which reads "Nøkk will strike fear into the hearts of anyone who goes up against her." Based on the short teaser video, it appears Nøkk will be a stealth-focused character, somewhat similar to Defense Operator Vigil.  To go along with her abilities, the teaser for Nøkk is suitably creepy.

You can check out the teaser below.

Because the teaser includes a forced perspective camera that looks reminiscent of the in-game drone security cameras, many are speculating that Nøkk will have the ability to temporarily make herself invisible to the attacking team's drone cameras. It helps that the visual effect for Vigil's invisibility looks very similar to what we see above. The obvious difference would be that Nøkk's invisibility only affects the defending team's drone cameras.

However, that's all just speculation and we'll only find out once Ubisoft gives us more information. Nøkk  and another operator will be revealed on May 19 during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals. They'll later be released in-game as part of the Operation Phantom Sight update.

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