Rambo, Snake & Colonel James Braddock Come To World Of Tanks

Wargaming has revealed three action stars are coming to World Of Tanks as we're getting Rambo, Snake Plissken, and Colonel James Braddock. Season 3 of the game launches today on console with a new update that will bring about new additions, improvements, and changes to the game. Essentially this is both an enhancement and an overhaul. On top of that, the game is adding '80s action stars as you can now play as tanks themed after the three men mentioned above. You're not going to get voiceovers or anything like that from the game, just to put that out there right now. But the tanks are themed around all three characters so you get a slice of what it's like if Rambo were a tank. Here's some added info from he company on the season.

Three tanks modeled after three action characters? Sign us up! Courtesy of Wargaming.
Three tanks modeled after three action characters? Sign us up! Courtesy of Wargaming.

The launch of Season 3 includes the latest engine update coming to Consoles on the December 15th, giving players an enhanced gaming experience and a complete overhaul of its current game, crafting the graphics. With the launch of Season 3 the game will also bring updates to gameplay to let players have a real next gen experience on all the consoles generations, as well as enhancements to vehicle management and commander and equipment systems. Players will also be able to access a new Profile tab which will give them information on their careers, keycards, medals, stats and activity log – alongside a post-game Personal tab.

"The team and I are so excited to bring tankers our newest and biggest update ever! Utilising our custom console engine, Despair, with latest console hardware generation support will revolutionise World of Tanks Console, bringing evolved aesthetics and visual improvements to the game – as well as an updated HUD, vehicle management system and much more! We have also completely revamped the UI – advancing how players interact with the title," said Creative Director TJ Wagner.

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