Razer Is Dropping $50M For Businesses During Coronavirus Outbreak

Razer revealed today that they will be donating $50 million dollars to help support businesses affected by the coronavirus outbreak. The company revealed plans, which you can see int eh graphic below, utilizing Razer Gold and Razer Fintech, as well as zVenrtures to sent relief to small businesses that have taken on a heavy financial burden in the wake of the outbreak. As many of you know, a lot of places have taken it on the chin after being forced to shut down and deal with the fact they they may not be reopened for regular business for months. So the company is doing everything they can in order to aid in that relief using the systems at their disposal. Here are the plans they revealed today.

Razer's current plan to help donate $50m.
Razer's current plan to help donate $50m.

"Razer will deploy up to US$50 million within 2020 through three main support arms within the ecosystem – Razer Gold, Razer Fintech and zVentures. The fund will be split across these three pillars in the form of financial contributions, cashflow support and investments. This initiative will also provide businesses with access to Razer's unique ecosystem of hardware, software and services with over 80 million total registered users worldwide, and create positive business impact through alliances and partnerships. Through the measures undertaken by the company, Razer will ensure that business partners are able to sustain and maintain a strong market position through the COVID-19 outbreak. Interested parties seeking more information can reach out to covid19-support@razer.com."

"There are many growing implications with COVID-19 on the global economy and it is affecting everyone from all walks of life," says Razer Co-Founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan. "We see the best way for us to do our part is to support our business partners starting with our ecosystem."

With any luck, this relief will benefit those who have had to lay off employees to keep their business intact, or possibly send support to staff still on the payroll before they have to take drastic measures to stay afloat. The coronavirus has hit a lot of places harder than expected, so relief from anyone would be greatly appreciate across the board.

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