Rebellion Says Some 2000AD Games Will Likely Be Announced Next Year

Back in February, we revealed that longtime holder of the 2000AD games licence Rebellion would be opening up the IP, allowing other game studios to come in and pitch for the franchise. This was done so the studio could focus on other projects, but not leave the property swinging in the wind when it comes to games.

Rebellion Says Some 2000AD Games Will Likely Be Announced Next Year

It seems we might be in for some news in the future too. Talking to PCGamesN, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley hinted that next year, we will likely start to see fruit from this opening of the IP.

So, recently, we opened up the library to people, and said, 'Come and pitch ideas, if you want to work with us we'll work out a licensing deal that makes sense for everybody, and you can work within the 2000 AD stuff'. So, hopefully next year we should start to see some public announcements about some of those games coming out.

He continues by saying that there could be games of all shapes and sizes coming too:

Our plan was to have a variety of different titles of different scales, so there would be some kind of very kooky niche titles, and hopefully some really big extensive ones as well.

I know a lot of people who would jump onto a Dredd game the second it was announced. The 2000AD licence is such a huge one with so much bizarre potential in games, it's exciting to think of what might be on our horizon.