"Red Dead Online's" Latest Legendary Bounty is Sergio Vincenza

"Red Dead Online's" Latest Legendary Bounty is Sergio Vincenza
Credit: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online fans now have a new Legendary Bounty to work toward taking down.

This week's addition to the game happens to be the former military marksman Sergio Vincenza. After Vincenza's attempt to assassinate the governor of Saint Denis, he's got a bounty on his head. You'll have to take care of said bounty.

But, like most Legendary Bounties, eradicating this bad guy won't be as simple as snapping your fingers and wishing it into existence. You can travel up to Roanoke Ridge to try and get into a scuffle with him if you want, but he'll have an entire gang of men up there with him, too. Wouldn't you know it – they all have military backgrounds too. Slow and steady will win this race, and you'll have to watch out for any potentially booby-trapped areas if you want to succeed.

There's plenty more to do beyond trying to best this week's Legendary Bounty. You can chat with Madam Nazar to take on finding the Naturalists Collection. Alternatively, you can compete in the Free Aim series in teams and Free-For-All variants for points and cash.

You can also shop for some new threads to give your look a much-needed update. Eberhart Coat, Morales Vest, Carver Pants, Prieto Poncho, and Folwell and Dillehay Hats are up for grabs for a limited time.

Red Dead Online players routinely have new bounties to tackle, clothes to check out, and plenty of other rewards. Right now, you can get a five gold bar discount on the Bounty Hunter's License, the Trader's Butcher Table, and Collector's Satchel. These are all items you may need to participate in Frontier Pursuits. This promotion is going on through Monday, October 14.

Looks like the perfect time to jump into Red Dead Online, doesn't it?

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