Renegade Game Studios Announces G.I. Joe Mission Critical

Renegade Game Studios revealed a brand new tabletop game today with the G.I. Joe IP as we're getting G.I. Joe Mission Critical. While everything looks hype, we didn't really learn a ton about the game today as a lot of it was kept to a short introduction video, which we have for you below. This one will have 1-5 players working together in a co-op scenario where you're playing as the Joe's making their way into enemy territory trying to stop Cobra from taking over the world in some aspect. Depending on the game, you'll be playing for about 50-70 minutes.

You'll choose from a set of your favorite iconic characters as you will head in and do battle against Cobra, who is run automatically in this game with no player operating their movements and decisions, defending your position and attacking as a group. But you can't defend all the time as each round will get harder for you to take positions and bring down the evil world domination group, so you'll need to strategize what the best course of action is for each player moving in.

Renegade Game Studios Announces G.I. Joe Mission Critical
Credit: Renegade Game Studios

Cobra will start off with Cobra Troopers doing the groundwork, with every round having the possibility of seeing infamous Cobra villains come into play to command their side of the battlefield and give you a bigger challenge to overcome. Everything will eventually lead to taking on Cobra Commander himself. The game will have a core set, which will release sometime in October, along with its first expansion set that will include more Joe and Cobra characters. The G.I. Joe Mission Critical set will come with awesome character figures that you can paint to make them look like the comic book/TV versions, so each game has a fun sense or realism to them as these characters come to life on the table. YOu can check out more about it in the video here as we wait for proper release dates and more visuals of the game itself.

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