Revita Gets New Content With Old Friends Update

Dear Villagers dropped a new update into Revita this week as players can experience the content from the Old Friends Update. With the tireless work of the solo indie developer BenStar at the help, this is a massive drop of material for players to dive into. The game is technically still in Early Access, so while this is a big update, it should technically be considered part of the main game, which will be released next year. Included in this update are a new area, weapons, enemies, and more to what is already considered a tricky gauntlet of battles. We have the finer details of what's been added to this update below as well as a trailer showing off everything that you'll be able to encounter from the content.

Can you clear every floor of its ominous, deadly clocktower? Courtesy of Dear Villagers.
Can you clear every floor of its ominous, deadly clocktower? Courtesy of Dear Villagers.

The massive Old Friends update brings a whole new area, five new starting guns (in addition to the one already existing), new relics, new celestial weapons, enemies, NPCs, area modifiers and much more to Revita's sprawling clocktower world. Alongside the update, BenStar has also updated the content roadmap showing his ambitions for Revita. All that remains now is the launch update, scheduled to go out alongside the final release in 2022. The Old Friends update features:

  • New heights: Enter level five of the clocktower, battling your way towards the top with higher-than-ever stakes.
  • New dangers: Face a fresh crop of enemies and survive challenging environmental perils – flash floods and more.
  • New choices: Discover an extra room in the station at the clocktower's base, and choose from five different starting guns.
  • New solutions: BenStar has overhauled the health balancing in Revita, giving first-time players an easier introduction to the series.
  • Old friends: Dive ever deeper into the enigmatic world of Revita, with an expanded cast and some jammin' additions to the soundtrack.

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