Rumor Suggests That Cut Cyberpunk 2077 Content Will Be In DLC

If you believe the latest rumor about Cyberpunk 2077, it sounds like all of the content that was cut from the game is coming back, eventually. In the process of making the game, it has become abundantly clear that we're not playing with the finished product. One of the stories we wrote about the game over the holidays was the fact that someone found an unused monorail system in the game that clearly was working at some point in time in the game as a sort of fast-travel system/ But looking at all of the video and structure in the game, it's pretty clear this was removed on purpose after being finished, or at the very least, halted before completion. It's very possible that the assets for those areas could simply be put back in and have everything working as it should, right?

We'll just remove a couple pieces here and there and... perfect! No teeth at all! Courtesy of CD Projekt Red.
We'll just remove a couple of pieces here and there and… perfect! No teeth at all! Courtesy of CD Projekt Red.

According to a post over on GameFAQs that's been getting some traction, it sounds like that may be the plan. It appears that all of the free DLC that will be coming for the game will include assets for missing pieces of Cyberpunk 2077 that were previously there but were removed for launch. What's more, the plan is to put everything back into the game over a six-month period. As much as we'd like to believe that this is indeed true, the reality is that there's zero verification behind any of this. The fact that other outlets picked up on it and haven't called it a rumor is kind of mind-boggling, and we would have passed on it ourselves if not for the fact that it's out there. But we get it, people want to believe the game will be fixed at some point. Until CD Projekt Red reveals this themselves, we're calling BS on this one.

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