Run A Hotel However You See Fit With Hotel Architect

Wired Productions and indie developer Pathos Interactive revealed their new management game Hotel Architect during the Future Games Show at Gamescom. As you might imagine, the game will have you designing, building, and running a series of hotels in an effort to turn your fledgling hotel business into a global empire with spots around the world. But the rise to the top is no easy task as different locations need to serve different customers. There's no release date on it yet, but we're guessing 2023 is the plan for now. Until then, enjoy the trailer!

Run A Hotel However You See Fit With Hotel Architect
Credit: Wired Productions

Hotel Architect invites you to step into the shoes of a hotel entrepreneur! Embark on a comical journey that will take you to distinctively fascinating locations and challenge you to overcome unexpected obstacles. Unleash your entrepreneurial passion by creating exquisite multistorey hotels all over the world. You must stay on your toes and constantly adapt to new scenarios created by the increasingly crazy demands of your most extravagant guests. Transform empty property lots into bustling profitable hotels! With excellent architecture and management skills, the guests will soon start flooding into your hotels. Create your hotel from scratch! Design the layout and hire construction workers to lay the foundations and build different facilities over multiple floors. You can then choose freely which activities are to be conducted in which part of your establishment. Install amenities, place decorations, and choose between different wallpapers and flooring.

Hotel Architect plays out in different locations all over the world, and each location has its own unique challenges with different types of guests. Knowing your customers better than they know themselves is the key to success here. By adjusting the type of services provided you can successfully integrate into any environment. Certain actions must go through one of your three advisors – Accountant, Manager, and Lawyer. Your advisors are your loyal servants, but they may become unavailable if their influence is too badly damaged from failing your risky requests. Asking for illegal actions can limit their ability to do their job and cost them their freedom.

  • Accountant: The Accountant may apply for loans and advise you on how to increase your credit rating by making some magic with the financial reports. Used properly, her economic wizardry sways the banks in your favour.
  • Manager: The Manager helps you adopt new policies which can improve the service offered by your hotel. He can also seek business partners, acquiring new sources of income.
  • Lawyer: The Lawyer is covering your back and he will launch into a full-scale court battle at the faintest whiff of allegations against you. Your partners may lend him services, should they pursue a risky path. He is also an expert at negotiating subsidies with your local friendly politicians.

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