Secret of Mana's Trophy List Has Already Leaked

Secret of Mana

Square Enix's Secret of Mana remake is launching later this week, but PS4 players can already start working out their strategies on how to best achieve the platinum trophy.

PSNProfiles has provided extensive details on every trophy available in the game, which includes the value of each trophy. According to the list, the Secret of Mana remake has a total of 38 trophies (4 gold, seven silver, and 26 bronze). The trophy list offers an array of challenges, the majority of which require the player to defeat a particular enemy within the game, beating the game, finishing the in-game guide, reaching a specific magic or weapon level, and acquiring all the gear available in the game. Because Secret of Mana's platinum trophy is a "earn all trophies" achievement, it will take a bit of time to plat the title but it shouldn't be too much of a struggle.

Secret of Mana was initially released by developer Square on October 3rd, 1993, in North America for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and was directed by Koichi Ishii and produced and written by Hiromichi Tanaka. The PS4 remake will release on February 15th, 2018.

You can check out the full list of trophies below.

Earn al trophiesEarn all trophiesPlatinum
Defeat Mantis AntDefeat Mantis AntBronze
Defeat TropicalloDefeat TropicalloBronze
Defeat Spikey TigerDefeat Spikey TigerBronze
Defeat Biting LizardDefeat Biting LizardBronze
Defeat Fire GigasDefeat Fire GigasBronze
Defeat Wall FaceDefeat Wall FaceBronze
Defeat KilroyDefeat KilroyBronze
Defeat JabberwockyDefeat JabberwockyBronze
Defeat Spring BreakDefeat Spring BreakBronze
Defeat Great ViperDefeat Great ViperBronze
Defeat Boreal FaceDefeat Boreal FaceBronze
Defeat Frost GigasDefeat Frost GigasBronze
Defeat Mech RiderDefeat Mech RiderBronze
Defeat MinotaurDefeat MinotaurBronze
Defeat VampireDefeat VampireBronze
Defeat Mech Rider 2Defeat Mech Rider 2Bronze
Defeat Lime SlimeDefeat Lime SlimeBronze
Defeat Gorgon BullDefeat Gorgon BullBronze
Defeat Dark StalkerDefeat Dark StalkerBronze
Defeat Shadows #1, 2, & 3Defeat Shadows #1, 2, & 3Bronze
Defeat AegagropilonDefeat AegagropilonBronze
Defeat Kettle KinDefeat Kettle KinBronze
Defeat Mech Rider 3Defeat Mech Rider 3Bronze
Defeat Blue DragonDefeat Blue DragonBronze
Defeat King VampireDefeat King VampireBronze
Defeat Dread SlimeDefeat Dread SlimeBronze
Defeat Dark LichDefeat Dark LichSilver
Defeat Mana BeastDefeat Mana BeastSilver
Reach the endingReach the endingGold
All weapons at level 9All weapons at level 9Gold
All magic at level 8All magic at level 8Gold
Visit all locations on FlammieVisit all locations on FlammieSilver
Complete the GuideComplete the GuideGold
Defeat all monstersDefeat all monstersSilver
Obtain all torso gearObtain all torso gearSilver
Obtain all head gearObtain all head gearSilver
Obtain all arm gearObtain all arm gearSilver

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