Shiny Ferroseed Coming? Mexico-Only Pokémon GO Event Suggests So

Is Shiny Ferroseed sneaking into Pokémon GO this November? It seems that may be the case. Generally, Shiny releases are announced through the official Pokémon GO Live blog, but not this time. Instead, it was discovered in the promotional text of an event posted by PokéXperto, a Spanish-language Twitter account that specializes in Pokémon news. Here's what we found.

Ferroseed superimposed over the Pokémon GO and 7-Eleven Special Weekend promo graphic. Credit: Niantic
Ferroseed superimposed over the Pokémon GO and 7-Eleven Special Weekend promo graphic. Credit: Niantic

The original tweet by PokéXperto reads:

Confirmado Pokémon GO Special Weekend de la mano de 7-Eleven en México:

7 de noviembre
11:00 a 14:00
Investigación temporal con incienso, trozo estrella y Mega Energía Charizard.
Medalla de evento
15 especies de Pokémon, incluyendo Unown SE y Ferroseed Shiny

When translated, this tweet confirms the following:

  • A 7-Eleven sponsored Pokémon GO event on November 7th from 11 AM through 2 PM that will be inclusive to Mexico.
  • Timed Research that rewards an Incense, a Star Piece, and Mega Charizard Energy.
  • The event will come with it sown medal.
  • 15 species of Pokémon, including Unown S and E, will be spawning. There is no word on whether or not these two Unown species will be available Shiny for the event hours.
  • Finally, what you came to this article to read: the release of Shiny Ferroseed.

Now, this kind of event would normally mean nothing for those living outside of Mexico. However, Niantic does not release Shiny Pokémon for one area and not for others. When a Pokémon is released specifically for a GO Fest or a Safari Zone, the Shiny is unlocked worldwide. The spawn rate or Shiny rate for previous examples of this, such as this year's Teddiursa and Chinchou Safari Zone releases, aren't nearly as boosted for non-participating players… but they are available. This will likely mean that Ferroseed will have its Shiny unlocked on November 7th, but that it will remain at its exceptionally rare spawn and hatch rate. As details come in, Bleeding Cool will report.

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