'Shroud Of The Avatar' Director Richard Garriott Launches New Campaign And Releases Financial Details

Yesterday, Kotaku posted a report and brief interview with Richard Garriott, the CEO/game director behind Portalarium, to update fans on the status of Shroud Of The Avatar. The company released a new Kickstarter project for the game, and also released some financials to show how much it was costing them to create the game. To say fans were worried is a bit of an understatement.


The article cites that the original effort raised $11,614,524, but that the company was now left with only $528,000, as it was costing them around $230,000 a month to produce the game. Kind of a shock to the system, as there have been numerous games that didn't even receive a quarter of what Shroud Of The Avatar did after their campaign was a success, and have produced titles well before Portalarium has.

Garriott goes on to explain that the new funding is to finish the game, as they are working with a staff of 30 people to produce a giant role-playinggame. Additional funding was not expected at the time and now is required to continue uninterrupted. But even the author at Kotaku seems skeptical about all of it, as Garriott doesn't seem to understand what the new updates on the Kickstarter even mean. That isn't exactly instilling confidence in the backers, who are still waiting to hear about the 2017 release date promised to them earlier.

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