Silent Hill and Legacy of Kain Tested for PlayStation Classic

credit//Sony Interactive Entertainment

Thanks to the recent release of the PlayStation Classic retro-console, gamers are looking back at the original lineup of PlayStation games with new eyes. Especially since the console runs off PCSX which is an open source PlayStation emulator engine. While that revelation was a surprise to many, it does leave us with some interesting information on our hands.

As Dread Central reports, the source code of the PlayStation Classic indicates a series of games that were tested on the console before being rejected prior to launch:

With that information in hand, we can now talk about the source code of the PlayStation Classic, which has been released online after review copies were inspected within and without. In it, people found an entirely different list of games that were tested as potential candidates for appearing on the console, including titles like Silent Hill, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Parasite Eve, Medievil, and much more.

While these titles were tested, these should not be seen as unlocked content that will be available at a later date for a price, like many DLCs are. It's unfortunate that we know that some of the greatest horror games for the PS1 were nearly put on the new console and we can only hope that one day there will be a way to get official re-releases.

There is some hope that, with the PCSX engine running the PlayStation Classic, we might see these titles hit the console sometime after launch. However, that's much less certain than with the average source code data mine.

There is hope for remakes and remastered re-releases for those games, however. The remake/remaster market is still going strong.

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