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Skybound Releases New Invincible Universe Fortnite Experience Story

Invincible Universe – Rise Of The Sequids has been released as part of Skybound Games' new Fortnite experience featuring the series.

Article Summary

  • Skybound Games launches new Invincible Universe-themed Fortnite experience, Rise Of The Sequids.
  • Experience a unique 10-v-10 deathmatch against the alien Sequids inside Fortnite Creative.
  • Dynamic gameplay where fallen players switch sides, altering the balance of power in real-time.
  • Pushes Unreal Editor for Fortnite limits, following Invincible narrative experiences and shooters.

Skybound Games has released a brand new story for Invincible Universe, their Fortnite experience – as Rise Of The Sequids is available now. This is a brand-new, free-to-play, 10-v-10 deathmatch experience completely within Fortnite, as you will take on the roles of the characters from the iconic comic book/TV franchise and fight against one of their greatest foes. The Sequids are world-destroying parasitic aliens who have come to control and destroy the Earth, leaving you as the only thing standing in their way. We have more details below, along with a new trailer for you above, as you can access it in Fortnite with Island Code: 6860-5764-7093.

Skybound Releases New Invincible Universe Fortnite Experience Story
Credit: Skybound Games

Invincible Universe – Rise Of The Sequids

Dive into the latest epic crossover between Fortnite and Invincible, based on the popular "Red vs Blue" team deathmatch-style game mode in Fortnite Creative… with a twist. The match ends only when all players have been assimilated to one team!

Invincible Universe – Rise of the Sequids centers on a battle for dominance between humanity and world-destroying aliens. Unique to the Invincible universe, Sequids are parasitic creatures that latch onto, fuse with and control a host body. If a human player is killed, they respawn at the Sequid team base as a Sequid player. If a Sequid player is killed, they respawn at the human team base as a human player. A HUD slider tracks the balance of players on each side in real-time. Will the hive-minded aliens prevail? Or will humanity be victorious? You decide.

Continuing to push the limits of the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) to new heights, Invincible Universe – Rise of the Sequids is the latest in Skybound Games' series of superheroic Fortnite experiences. It follows the release of the robust narrative experience Invincible: Doc Seismic Attacks and the free-for-all shooter Invincible: GDA Combat Training.

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