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Snake Pass Arcade Mode Asks You to be a Snake, Only Faster

Sumo Digital has released a new arcade mode for Snake Pass which tasks players with being much faster in the game.

Snake Pass

Snake Pass was a neat little title. It wasn't overly complex, but it was so based around one solid idea, a unique design choice to simulate the momentum of a snake's movement, that it just worked. Bringing an easy go lucky charm too, it was a great little game that was both challenging yet leisurely. The perfect morning game to ease you into a day.

Well, if you've played it and feel you have gotten enough out of the game at its base level though, you could take the slower pace out and speed things up. As of today, the game now sports an Arcade Mode, adding a totally new way to play. Essentially, you will be trying to capture as many fruit as possible before the time runs out. The more you collect, the higher your multiplier goes, and all of that is supported by online leaderboards to test your time against the world. The mode is currently out for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Here is a trailer:

This seems like a neat little addition to the game and for free, why not give it a go if you have the game? All you need to do to access the content if beat the game first, but after that you are good to go. You could become the best Snake Pass player in the world, and wouldn't that be a fun little title to have? Have at it.

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