The SNES Classic Edition Has Sold 4 Million Consoles

Nintendo has announced that the SNES Classic Edition has surpassed 4 million sales.

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For a while there, the SNES Classic was seemingly impossible to find. The fairly cheap nostalgia trip was a huge seller and much like the NES Mini, it never quite matched up to the massive demand. While Nintendo has seemingly caught up and the gold rush appears over, you still must wonder how many gave up the search in the initial rush to pick one of these up.

That only makes this next figure more impressive. Nintendo has announced that the console has surpassed 4 million sales worldwide. This includes the different versions of the console, including American, European and Australian, as well as the Japanese Famicon edition. That one has surpassed that of the original NES Mini.

It's not hard to see why it took off, either. It included 20 (mostly) great old games, but also packaged in the never before released Star Fox 2. Some of those are the best games ever made, including Super Mario World. For around $115, that's a lot of old classic gaming, and the little Super Nintendo is not a bad little bit of room dressing. The number will continue to grow in the coming months, too — as previously stated, the device has become a lot more available. If you've not picked one up, now might be the time.

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