Someone Beat The Game Hades With A Dance Pad

It's always fun to see what fun ways people can beat games, but this one has to take the cake as we exit 2020 with Hades. Just in case you've been sleeping on one Supergiant Games indie hit, you really should be checking it out as the game has basically been one of the most entertaining games of the past year. People have been beating it in multiple ways at every difficulty possible and it makes for some pretty amazing stuff to watch if you're just checking it out on Twitch. Not to mention playing the game on your own is pretty awesome as it's been one of the highest rated games during 2020, which is saying a lot. But there are some who are looking for a new challenge…

For real, why aren't you playing Hades? Give it a shot! Courtesy of Supergiant Games.
For real, why aren't you playing Hades? Give it a shot! Courtesy of Supergiant Games.

Twitch streamer PeekingBoo decided to take his gameplay to the extreme by making the game much more difficult than it needed to be. As you can see from both of his posts on Twitter below, the man hooked up a dance pad to the game. And we're not talking about those silly little mats you all have stored in your closet that probably is a home for spiders and needs to be cleaned. This is an old-school full arcade pad from the Dance Dance Revolution series. It's not the first time he's accomplished this as you can find video series on his channel doing the same thing to games like Celeste and Mario 64. But it certainly the most impressive of the bunch since Hades isn't exactly a walk in the park.  You can check out these clips below of him at his finest as coming close and eventually beating the game and you can find the full streams of it on his Twitch channel.

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