Someone Brought A Forgotten SEGA VR Title From The '90s Back To Life

Wanna hear something really trippy? Back in the '90s, SEGA was developing a VR game for the Genesis that was never released. Long before VR became what we know it today, the actual concept of VR was a novelty item that a lot of people billed as "the future of video games" but it never really came to fruition because while the ambition was there, the technology wasn't. One of the many companies who took a crack at it was SEGA, who created this VR setup you see below, which looks like a rejected prop from Back To The Future Part II. But at the time the company was serious in trying to take their gaming into new territory, as they showed (for better and worse) with the 32X and SEGA CD.

This is heavy, Doc. No, really, this headset is heavy! Courtesy of SEGA.
This is heavy, Doc. No, really, this headset is heavy! Courtesy of SEGA.

In 1993, the company showed off a new game incorporating their VR setup called Nuclear Rush during the old CES convention, but shortly after the project died a slow death and was kinda swept under the rug by the company as they moved onto other projects. They created VR-1 for arcades, but that's a different story altogether. Flash forward over 25 years later, and Nuclear Rush has been discovered! Gaming Alexandria's Dylan Mansfield got ahold of the game after he chatted with developer Kenneth Hurley, who had discovered a CD-ROM of the game that was copied over in 1994 and included the complete code. Mansfield then teamed up with the Video Game History Foundation's Rich Whitehouse to make the game playable, which you can see a video of him doing so on an HTC Vive in the video below. While this is fun retro news, it should be pointed out that Nuclear Rush was only one of five games in development for SEGA VR. Here's hoping they're able to locate the other four.

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