Someone Found A Deleted Halo Infinite Mid-Credits Cutscene

Leave it to dataminers to uncover something new about Halo Infinite less than a month after release as a new cutscene has been found. Of course, we expected people to take the game apart at some point to find all of the hidden stuff throughout it, and at some point come across content we didn't expect to find., Maybe a hidden piece of the map, maybe a few assets here and there that never got finalized, some odd junk lying around from the testing phase. You know, the usual. What we didn't expect was to find an entirely deleted scene. The video, which you can check out below, was uploaded on the YouTube channel for Gamecheat13. It shows everyone's favorite regretful pilot Fernando Esparza sitting in his chair taking a nap when all of a sudden he gets a Signal Detected alert.

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Credit: 343 Industries

The scene looks very familiar to what we see at the beginning of the game and what was teased for ages leading up to the game's release. However, when he hits the com system to take a look, he calls for Master Chief, who comes out of the back bay to look at what Esparza is looking at as he smiles on. The system confirmed another UNSC tag has been found and is designated "Friend" by the computer. But as we've all grown accustomed to with many other forms of media, we don't get the full picture right away.

It's a quick 35-second clip, not fully finished yet as we're guessing it was removed before they started finalizing the look of the game, but it's clear it was setting up the eventual sequel to Halo Infinite we'll probably see five years from now. There's a ton of theories going around, but our favorite among the bunch is that it could be signaling the return of Arbiter. What do you believe it could be? Tell us in the comments.

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